Daddy Day Care Anyone? Daddy Day Care No One!

I’m doing something a little different today.
I am sitting in that very environment which I have been escaping at every opportunity to read, CV adjust, cover letter write, catch my breath and reflect on life. I am sitting amongst 4 disruptively bored children, 3 of whom are on their summer holidays, one pre-schooler who is excited at having his siblings around full time. And Daddy Dementia. Rummaging through the very fridges (yes two of them) which I repeatedly keep tidying after the rummaging.
Welcome to Daddy Day Care. With a pinch, sorry bucket full, of Elderly Day Care added to the mix. Normally I would need to find that quiet space for my thinking cap to comfortably adjust and wire itself to every lobe of my cerebral cortex. I seem to have found this in the loft converted room which my two older boys share, after realising that spending £13 a day at coffee shops was rapidly eating away at my hard earned redundancy mo-nay.

Daddy Day Care is what I assigned myself for at the start of 2018 (you may have read my previous article, Redundancy…The Story So Far). Surely doing the school run, cooking, feeding our pre-schooler, keeping Daddy D (you know who) fed every moment he forgets he has eaten his last meal, snack whatever, being at home with all nippers post 3:30pm, preparing their snacks, chucking them in the shower, helping with homework, dishing out their evening meal before mummy arrives will be a no brainer, right? Not to mention keeping the house spick and span, FINALLY getting rid of all clutter we moved in with us from our old house (you better read my previous article, Redundancy…The Story So Far), and sorting out the washing, un-ironing and our mish mash of wardrobe arrangements?

Wrong and wrong again.

All of the above takes sharp time management. Diamante cut discipline. Multi-tasking expertise. Being kept on my toes all day (physically) for frequent priority changes. Creative culinary thinking. Contingencies involving shoving the clutter out of sight. Complete ignorance of the smart phone. FOCUS. Should that focus waver, everything rapidly falls apart. And through the complete brain exhaustion I pick myself up and rebuild the very thing that relies on my growing broader shoulders to continue functioning through my idea of DisciplineStructureGuidance.


Today I decided to see what happens when doing my “job searching thang” whilst sat amongst the little darlings. In 1 hour and 15 minutes, already I reluctantly aurally absorbed

  • 10 minutes of being bored with book reading
  • Handwriting practising – 10 minutes and bored
  • Timetable testing – 10 minutes and bored
  • Screaming to eat the same crisps as sister
  • Smashing of a pickle jar whilst trying to help herself to a yoghurt
  • PS4 and Fortnite playing (I hate that game with growing passion)
  • Claiming not to be hungry because my PS4 players must finish that game
  • Pre-schooler feeling sleepy
  • Insult swiping between siblings
  • Daddy D insisting he needs to stand over that kitchen sink, turn that tap on full flow to wash a teaspoon (despite the dishwasher getting spruced and filled for a cycle)

Of course intermittently I intervene. Because that is what a manager is supposed to do to resolve matters and veer everything back to “the plan”. It is how we teach our little cherubs to develop life skills with the hope they will always remember to apply these skills even in the workplace. It is how managers develop and coach staff.

Here’s the thing. It niggles at me when I read articles advising on the best answers to interview questions if we have been out of a job for a chunk of time.

There seems to be this implication that

  1. The job market is thriving
  2. We are not doing the right thing in job searching
  3. Hence why we might be unemployed
  4. Our brain cells are rapidly dying away each day we are unemployed
  5. Keeping our home wheels in motion does not matter

I have a stroke of luck here where I can build on the extra efforts I have put into developing a cultural centre which I have led for the past 4 years (you will read my last article, Redundancy…The Story So Far). But other than trying to squeeze in reaching out to people for coffee, advice and potential openings, I have been running my life brand. Home. Currently wrapped in Daddy Day Care virtual packaging.

So, want a recent STAR example of me managing conflict? I frequently manage this. At Home. Want to know when I have recently demonstrated effective communication skills? This is a daily occurrence. At Home. Want to know how I manage and lead teams? I jointly share this role by default. At Home.

Daddy Day Care at your service. Organised. Disciplined. Focussed.


  1. This is perfect… who better then you to start a blog! You always enjoyed writing and you do it so well! Can’t wait to read more … keep it up xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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