Redundancy…The Story So Far

rawpixel-296618-unsplash.jpgNearly 9 months in, only a few days of grinding my teeth through frustration, and now starting to feel the bite. No. This is not full term pregnancy. This is my redundancy experience. The “crack that CV and Cover Letter Code” struggle.

It all sounded like an absolute dream. Nearly 17 years of working for the BBC (remove a couple of years from that owing to broken service, but we remain hush hush about that), and the opportunity to walk away with some dosh for the service I put in due to departmental restructures. How exciting! Best I start getting that conversation flowing with my wife and start planning, think about how to “invest” that money and set aside the fact we are about to take on a bigger mortgage to upscale on our dream home.

“Honey, go reach for your dream and get fully qualified as a Spa Therapist and be released from caring for our 4 children and Daddy Dementia! Leave it all to me”.

Oh the power of my persuasion and influencing skills. Works at home all the time! The plan was actually to find a job by April. Or May at the very latest. I mean, who would NOT snap me up? I got THAT company name on my CV baby! I have THAT discipline running through my blood honey!

What I did not plan for was unemployment for this length of time. What I did not plan for was for my CV to be seen as another mediocre pile of waffle. It’s not the feedback I have received. But it certainly is the impression I have.

So what is it I have not done to even trigger interest by any potential employers?

  1. have managed and have been managed
  2. have led projects and got my magic wand out to zap the end product into action
  3. Despite an old manager poo pooing the results on point 2 above (corporate world sucks like that), I have the evidence that it was a success
  4. have sold and exceeded targets
  5. have instigated, nurtured and strengthened fabulous client relationships
  6. have analysed and found solutions
  7. have introduced procedures and protocols and trained staff at every level

I look at only the handful above and think “you are actually shit hot”.

Obviously not.

I am not a:

  • CIM qualified marketeer
  • ISM qualified sales person
  • CIPR qualified communications bod
  • Finance qualified thingy person
  • PRINCE2 qualified project manager


But I am qualified through my experience. And through my employment experience, which spans over nearly 20 years, it is evident I am pushing over 40. No longer fresh. Not easily moulded. Will question the status quo.

My question is, was I (and many of my colleagues) mis sold the whole redundancy experience? Were my steps sideways, and slightly up, but more sideways ever fully respected in my previous role? Do I have any employment value? Have I expired? Or do I have to go back to the exaggerated CV model (which incidentally has had the red light flashed on by a previous manager who received it at another TV company)?

The search continues. The questions pop up. And before I shout “I CAN DO THAT” at the job ads posted, I think

“how will they  ever know I can do that…and more”?


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